Productivity tables give chronological overviews of top publications for all research staff, per staff type, or per research programme.

In the productivity dashboard, the productivity of the five ERIM research programmes in the different journal categories is calculated since the year 2000.

The productivity is calculated over different subsets of journal categories, starting from the perspective of the very broad category of “academic publications,”  towards an analysis of the productivity of ERIM programmes in the very selective category of top-core (ERIM EJL P and P star journals) and top international (ISI 1st and 2nd) journal publications.

The analysis shows that the productivity in the most selective categories has increased substantially over the years, which means that ERIM has succeeded in developing a much stronger "quality publishing" profile over the years, comparable to that of the top international business schools in Europe, the US and beyond. ERIM has effectively brought the field of management at Erasmus University to the international top.