ERIMdashboard contains intelligence for ERIM internal use. Only employees at ERIM who have been granted access to the restricted pages of this dashboard wil be able to use the functionalities of this platform. Information and functionalities will only become visible after logging in using the ErAS authentication service. Please use this link.

Welcome to the performance dashboard of the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM), the joint research institute of Rotterdam School of Management and Erasmus School of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.  Since its inception in 1998, ERIM has created a distinctive environment for the development of internationally-recognised management research, and has maintained its position in the Top 3 European research institutes since that time.

ERIM is a community of over 350 researchers at Erasmus University. The ERIM researchers strive for academic excellence and impact by targeting their publications towards the best journals and books in management research. The productivity statistics show that the researchers affiliated to ERIM have effectively brought the field of management research at Erasmus University to the international top.

Next to research, it is ERIM’s strategic priority to continuously strengthen the appeal and the quality of the ERIM Doctoral Programme.  ERiM is focused on attracting, developing, and retaining the highest level of international research talent, and supporting them through every phase of their career. The dashboard contains many detailed statistics on the performance of the programme.

Gain insights into our performance by accessing our statistics on the ERIM research community, the ERIM research programmes and the ERIM doctoral programme through business intelligence software by Dialogic. The statistics cover the period since 2000 and are updated on a weekly base from our research databases (ERIM MIS and METIS).

Prof. dr. Pursey Heugens
Scientific Director ERIM | Contact

This performance dashboard contains an efficient web service to create (a set of) custom reports visualisations and webpresentations. In this way any user of this service is able to produce a special report on the performance of ERIM for your convenience.

For example: You may want to select input details, output details or both for a specific ERIM research programme. After you have selected the specific pages / visualisations form the categories Research and or Doctoral Programme, please select 'Update' for a web presentation of the selection.
If you want to print the selected report, please choose 'Print'. If you want to print the complete ERIM dashboard, please choose 'Select all'.
By selecting 'Start presentation' a web based full screen presentation on the ERIM dashboard will start in your browser.

Please note that any selection of reports / visualisations also creates a special (and stable) web-url, this url can be bookmarked for later re-use or shared with your peers through your favorite social media services like twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. In this way the ERIM Performance Dashboard becomes your dynamic link to research and doctoral performance results and helps you communicate on these results.

In this way any user of this service is able to produce a special report on the performance of ERIM for your convenience.