The research area addressed by the ERIM S&E research programme focuses on the antecedents and outcomes of strategic renewal of firms and of their external networks and industries.

The information on input is presented for people and Full Time Equivalents (FTE), the different ERIM membership-types, research appointment ((non) tenured), gender, internationalisation and seniority of the group.

The output shows statistics on publishing. We distinguish several analytics on quality publishing in journals: Core (ERIM) journals vs Non core journals, ISI vs Non-ISI journals, ISi quartiles, ISI 1st Quartile, ISI 1st Declie, the ratio of articles in ISI 1st Quartile journals (Q1 Ratio) and the ratio of articles in ISI First Decile (D1 Ratio).

The productivity is calculated as the Top Core (ERIM P* and P articles) per fte Tenured faculty, ISI 1st + ISI 2nd per fte Tenured faculty, ISI 1st decile per fte Tenured faculty.

We present information on the Doctoral Programme community, PhD- and research master students graduated per year, gender ratio's, International vs Dutch PhD entrants, nationalities and Time to PhD.